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Review -- Wikiwars: The Mission of Julian Assange

Wikiwars: The Mission of Julian Assange aired on CNN this weekend. Narrated by an ex-Navy SEAL named Kaj Larsen who doesn't look the part, it contains no revelations being entirely a rehash of old news. Watch it only if you want to see Nick Davies of the Guardian newspaper and Adrian Lamo, the ex-criminal hacker snitch who turned in Bradley Manning.

Lamo appears in a trench coat. Between that and an obvious nervous tic which manifests as weird blinking before the camera, he's a sight. If you need someone who genuinely looks the part of a squealer for a budget movie or tv show, Lamo is someone to consider casting. (It can't be ruled out that this was contrivance for the interview.)

There is no discussion of the government's mistreatment of Bradley Manning in connection with the events covered.

CNN digs up an Army officer to interpret the Collateral Murder video and the damage Assange has allegedly done to the US. The fellow is so colorless and obviously from stock upright military man talent booking you can't remember his name or what he said. Except that WikiLeaks is bad.

Footage of Newt Gingrich brainlessly calling Assange an information terrorist is also aired.

Ironically, the special ran while news was breaking that the US wants to make Internet-in-suitcases available to nations where the citizens wish to revolt against their leaders. This is being done under the argument that transparency is critical in giving voice to those who wish to shed light on their corrupt governments.

CNN's Wikiwars -- not recommended.

This post was originally published at Dick Destiny blog, a fine place to visit.

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