Reliable Security Information

a conspiracy so immense

The Cambridge Analytica connection could turn out to be massive.

The idea that they have been "banned from Facebook" is
silly, since even modestly competent tradecraft could set
up shell companies that Facebook would not recognize
as banned.

Cambridge Analytica is not just big data.

The various active measures they offered as services, such as
honeytrap, bribery, etc, are so closely associated with Soviet
tradecraft as to strongly suggest a much closer connection
between Trump and Moscow than previously understood.

The thing was funded by the Mercers, which explains how
Eric Prince / Blackwater had an in, and how Betsy DeVos got a
cabinet secretary slot, despite knowing precious little about

Back in the summer of 2016 there was a lot of loose talk about
how Trump had a new style of politics that did not require a
campaign staff, apart from a handful of folks to schedule rallies.

What now becomes apparent is that Trump had a massive staff
that was centered in an around Cambridge Analytica.

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