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Micah Levinson

Micah Levinson is a Senior Fellow at

Prior to joining, Dr. Levinson served as the Washington DC Resident Fellow at the Middle East Forum and as a foreign policy fellow for Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR). He holds a Ph.D. in political science from UNC Chapel Hill and a BA in government from Harvard. His work has appeared in Comparative Strategy, The Journal of International Security Affairs, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, The National Interest, The International Business Times, The American Spectator, The Washington Examiner, The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Times, and The Diplomat.

Israel's "Useless Class" Revolts Against the Supreme Court

Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli high-tech sector's court philosopher, rationalizes gutting welfare states in post-industrial economies. He claims Industrial Era governments "invested heavily in the health, education and welfare of the masses because they needed millions of healthy labourers to work in the factories." However,...

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Israel's Constitutional Crisis is Class Warfare

The Israeli Supreme Court's political orientation decreasingly reflects the country's because a majority of the Judicial Selection Committee's members are sitting justices and unelected representatives from the Israel Bar Association. Israel, like Britain, lacks a written constitution and parliamentary sovereignty prevailed until the 1990s. Before...

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