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Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni is University Professor and a professor of international relations and The George Washington University and the author of Security First (Yale 2007). For more discussion on nuclear nonproliferation, see “Zero is the Wrong Number” (World Policy Journal 2009). He can be contacted at ιχπσ≅γωυ.εδυ and followed on Twitter: @amitaietzioni.

Iran: the time to deal with the periphery has passed

For more than a year the United States and its allies have courted various nations on the periphery of Iran, in the hope of isolating it and thus motivating it to change its course. Events show that this strategy is not working. Indeed, more and...

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If you believe that corporations would be willing to make a little less money in order not to put the nation -- their nation -- at risk, you should read Richard Clarke's excellent, just-issued book, Cyber War. As Clarke reports, prior to the 1990s, the...

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NPT Review: Less Than Meets the Eye

I thought April Fools' Day was two months ago. Today we read that the 189-nation NPT review conference, after three weeks of meetings, produced a new agreement. Hurray. What does it cover? North Korea's growing number of nukes and threats? Pakistan's expanding nuclear program--in response...

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