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Christopher Chivvis

Dr. Chivvis is an expert on Transatlantic Relations, European Security, and Nation Building with the RAND Corporation, an independent non-profit research organization in Washington D.C.

In the past, Chivvis has held research positions at the French Institute for International Affairs (Ifri) in Paris, the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) in Berlin and taught graduate courses at Johns Hopkins, SAIS, New York University, and Sciences-Po, Paris.

His work and commentary have appeared in several U.S. and European journals, including Survival, Politique Etrangère, The Journal of Contemporary History, The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Times, and the Euro-Atlantic Quarterly. His recent monographs with RAND include Europe’s Role in Nation Building, with James Dobbins et. al., Pakistan: Securing and Insecure State, with Chris Fair et al.

Chivvis received his PhD in European Studies from Johns Hopkins, SAIS in 2003.

European Union at Cross Purposes in Kosovo By Christopher Chivvis

PRISTINA, KOSOVO Standing on the Mitrovica bridge looking at the Serbian flags flying on the northern side of the Iber River, it is clear that something is gravely amiss in Europe's youngest democracy, Kosovo. Serbs in the three municipalities across the river refuse to allow...

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