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Council on Foreign Relations
Global Uranium Supply and Demand

IntroductionInterest in nuclear power is increasing as the world's demand grows for cheap, reliable electricity, along with the need to reduce air pollution. Nonproliferation of weapons and the safe disposal of spent nuclear fuel dominate the nuclear power debate, while nuclear fuel supplies have garnered...

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Intel Gaffes: Follow the Dropped Balls

Stung by intelligence failures that contributed to the Christmas Day airline terrorism attempt, the White House has called for tweaks (PDF) to the way intelligence on terror suspects is monitored, analyzed, and distributed. President Barack Obama has ordered stronger airport screening, streamlining intelligence sharing, and...

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The New Counterterrorism Challenge

Among the recommendations called for by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of September 11 was an urgent need for unity of effort in U.S. counterterrorism strategy. Eight years later, the Obama administration is confronting concerns about its ability to coordinate counterterrorism policy after...

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