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George Smith

George Smith, Ph.D., has written on biological and chemical weapons for a variety of publications. From examination of captured documents after 9/11, he was one of the first to publicly determine al Qaeda had no capability in this area. Smith has consulted to terrorism trials as an expert on the analysis of seized electronic Internet-distributed texts on improvised weapons. He is currently writing a book on his experience.

WikiLeaks -- more and more, you betcha

Because Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, comes from the hacker underground, its actions often look taken from the POV of a desire to expose stuff just for the sake of exposing it. This was always part of the mindset of the hacker fraternity....

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Defending the Indefensible

It's impossible to defend a process in which a 61-year old man with a urostomy is poked and felt for PETN-underwear explosive until his urine bag comes loose and soaks him. No amount of explanation about how al Qaeda likes to use PETN, or apologies...

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Screwing Over the Public For Fun & Profit in the War on Terror

Loathing of the TSA couldn't be higher and this is a very good thing. But it didn't just happen. Total disgust with security screening has been here for awhile. It just took Tyner's "don't touch my junk" video to light the already short fuse attached...

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Big Win for Terrorists and US National Security Business

The "don't touch my junk" story furnishes a catalyst to focus public loathing for big parts of the national security apparatus. And, of course, its buzzing devices and technicians, people often afflicted with normal human bad judgment. Rude treatments and callousness embedded as professional good...

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Eggs Freshly Poisoned, Bombs Freshly Packed

Predatory behavior in US agribusiness now seems so commonplace one can but laugh when the latest notice of tainted egg recall comes through the pipe. And we can titter even more over body X-rays, pat downs and shoe inspections ad nauseam but failed states inhabited...

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