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George Smith

George Smith, Ph.D., has written on biological and chemical weapons for a variety of publications. From examination of captured documents after 9/11, he was one of the first to publicly determine al Qaeda had no capability in this area. Smith has consulted to terrorism trials as an expert on the analysis of seized electronic Internet-distributed texts on improvised weapons. He is currently writing a book on his experience.

Picking through Osama bin Laden's nose gold

The government and the media, will squeeze everything it can from the leftover detritus of Osama bin Laden. It will twist and twirl it out like the most distasteful piece of nose toffee simply for sales value and because it cements the directive that we're...

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How Osama bin Laden screwed up my driver's license

Months before his death, Osama bin Laden -- with the help of corporate America's national security infrastructure, screwed up my driver's license. If you live outside California you probably haven't heard this tale of fail. It's unfolded in slow motion over months, resulting in massive...

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