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George Smith

George Smith, Ph.D., has written on biological and chemical weapons for a variety of publications. From examination of captured documents after 9/11, he was one of the first to publicly determine al Qaeda had no capability in this area. Smith has consulted to terrorism trials as an expert on the analysis of seized electronic Internet-distributed texts on improvised weapons. He is currently writing a book on his experience.

The Empire's Dog Feces: Electromagnetic pulse weapon mania

The mania over non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapons is now close to two decades old. And none that are even remotely interesting have ever been produced. However, this has not seriously impeded widespread belief in them, demonstrated by the fact that now not a week goes...

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First we fire all the lawyers

An idle mind is the devil's playground. That's a flip way to describe the recent intersection of stupid Dept. of Justice lawyers and the continuing mainstream media interest in anthrax mailer Bruce Ivins. Throw in the mythology surrounding the dead man's case. It will never...

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A plutocrat firm gets its stuff taken by the cyber-paupers

Smiling Michael McConnell and his firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, have been struck by the Anonymous hacking group. It's one illustration of a "they had it coming" rule of the cyber-jungle in action....

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The plutocrats worry about the cyber-paupers coming for their stuff

I get one or two interview requests a week on cybersecurity lately. The conversations always hinge on matters of absolutely no interest to the American middle class. Most popular now: "What would a cyberwar look like?"...

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The Joker Bomb

From the Dept. of It Had to Happen, comes a homeland security warning on terrorists boarding airplanes with surgically implanted bombs. Mount the photo taken from a Batman movie, the one where the Joker has implanted an explosive cell phone in one of his henchmen....

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