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Arthur G. Martirosyan

Arthur G. Martirosyan is a Program Manager for Mercy Corps Conflict Management Group (CMG) and Director of The Momentum Program: Leadership and Negotiation Culture Change in the Former Soviet Union. In fourteen years with CMG, Mr. Martirosyan has been involved in the design and successful implementation negotiation projects in some of the most complex ethno-political conflicts world-wide, including Chechnya, South Ossetia, Abkhazia (Georgia), Israel-Palestine, and Iraq.

Mr. Martirosyan is Co-Director of the Network of Early Warning and Ethnological Monitoring of Conflict in the Former Soviet Union and has authored a number of articles on the status of conflicts and negotiation processes in the Caucasus.

For the last five years, Mr. Martirosyan has been managing the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiation Partners program that provides leadership and cooperative negotiation skills to a network of negotiators from both sides. Since 2005, Mr. Martirosyan has been the lead negotiation trainer for a group of Iraqi professionals and officials from four southern provinces of Iraq as part of the USAID-funded Iraq Community Action Program. Prior to joining CMG in 1994, Mr. Martirosyan was a program associate with the Civic Education Project, a not-for-profit organization working with East European and FSU universities.

Mr. Martirosyan received his MA in English Literature and Translation Techniques at St. Petersburg University, Russia, and MA in International Relations at Yale University. Martirosyan is fluent in Armenian, Russian, Georgian and conversant in German and French.

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