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Latest Bombshell on Iran's Covert Nuclear Activities Explodes Hopes for Obama Administration's Engagement Strategy

The Obama Administration made a bombshell revelation on the eve of the G-20 summit about Iran's continued lying about its nuclear program. Anonymous "American officials" disclosed to the New York Times that U.S. intelligence agencies had uncovered another secret Iranian nuclear facility that Iran had failed to divulge to the International Atomic Energy Agency as required under its nuclear safeguard commitments.

The secret facility reportedly is a uranium enrichment plant capable of housing 3,000 centrifuges that is built inside a mountain about 100 miles south of Tehran near the city of Qum. The American officials noted that they had been tracking the construction of the facility for years but decided to reveal it only after the Iranian government had discovered that its secret had been compromised. Tehran tried to cover its tracks by notifying the IAEA of the existence of the facility in a cursory letter on Monday, but it was required to do so before construction began.

This revelation underscores Tehran's continued duplicity on the nuclear issue and further undermines the Obama Administration's engagement strategy regarding Iran.

It is now clear, if it wasn't before, that the P5&1 talks that are set to begin on October 1 are likely to be stillborn. As long as Iran clings to its hollow denials of its increasingly transparent nuclear ambitions there is no chance of a diplomatic resolution to the nuclear issue. Strong and effective international sanctions are urgently required to stem Tehran's nuclear progress. But although the leaders of Britain,France, and the U.S. pledged to step up pressure on Iran in statements issued today, it remains unclear whether Russia and China will cooperate with this diplomatic offensive. In the past, the two have acted as Iran's lawyers to block or dilute sanctions resolutions at the U.N. Security Council.

If Iran can not be diplomatically dissuaded from continuing its nuclear weapons program, then the chances of an Israeli preventive strike against Iranian facilities will rise substantially. Such a strike probably could only delay, but not destroy, the Iranian nuclear program. But regardless of what Israel decides to do, today's revelations about the Iranian nuclear program are another strong indication that the United States and its allies soon will face the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

For an analysis of the implications of Iran's drive for nuclear weapons, see: Iran's Nuclear Threat: The Day After [PDF]

For more on Iran, see: Iran Briefing Room

Comments (2)


Total nonsense. Iran was not obliged to report its existence until 6 months prior to introduction of nuclear fuel.

I refer you to Scott Ritter's article in the U.K. Guardian. It would teach you a thing or two about objective reporting. Unless,of course, your distortion of facts are designed to mislead your readers and pave the way for future military strikes either by US or Israel.

Joseph Raji


Jim said:

"Anonymous "American officials" disclosed to the New York Times that U.S. intelligence agencies had uncovered another secret Iranian nuclear facility that Iran had failed to divulge to the International Atomic Energy Agency as required under its nuclear safeguard commitments."

Some 'bombshell'. Let's see, the US has known about the facility and it's construction since 2006. You twisted the story. Those officials stated that they have known of the facility for quite some time. CNN had a story on that very fact.

This power plant won't be on-line for another 18 months as it is under construction. Iran notified the IAEA on September 21st, well ahead of the 6 months required to notify the IAEA of it's intentions and location of the plant, which are to enrich unranium to 5%....for a power plant. 95% is required for weapons. And four days before President zero dropped his so-called 'bombshell' at his staged speech the following Friday.

And let me repeat, the facility is still under construction and won't be on-line for another 18 months. So how can anyone, even Iranians, enrich uranium to 95% in a facility that isn't even finished?

You're second paragraph backpedals and purports that Iran panicked and sent a letter to the IAEA to cover their tracks when Western intelligence found out about the facility. Which is a lie.

So Jim, instead of toeing the line and regurgitating the lamestream media verbage, do some research. It is out there. Otherwise you're a shill for another war.

Point is, you war mongerers still have no evidence of Iran enriching uranium to weapons grade, but you're all convinced, based solely on conjecture and speculation, that Iran is, despite what the IAEA and UN Security Council has said to the contrary, making nuclear weapons.

How come you never demand to know how many nuclear wepoans that Israel HAS, that is non-signatory to the NPT; that Iran is signatory to?

Iran has a legal right to enrich uranium for nuclear power.

If you'd unplug your ears and shake the cobwebs, you'd notice the rhetoric being spewed by president Zero is no different that that which was flung before attacking Iraq. Think back....WMDs - couldn't find them....

Here's some truth for you.

Keeping Iran honest ( I retitle it, for you, Kepping Jim Honest)

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