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President Obama's Afghanistan Speech: An Uncertain Message

After nearly a year in office, President Obama announced his policy on Afghanistan, including that he will be sending 30,000 more to troops to the country. While his announcement is portrayed as a step forward in the war, the given timeline and exit plan carries the potential to hinder our mission.

Recent research from The Heritage Foundation, "President Obama's Afghanistan Speech: An Uncertain Message," discusses the implications of a downward spiral of decreasing security in Afghanistan if the U.S. departs the region too early: a resurgent Taliban, an eventual collapse of the Afghan government, and an even bloodier civil war.

President Obama's "McChrystal Light" strategy will continue to foster the mission in Afghanistan for the "civilian surge," within the next 18 months--but as the paper highlights: most observers acknowledge that it will take at least three to four years to fully train and equip the Afghan National Army to a level sufficient to engage the Taliban.

While the delay in bringing forth the policy may be seen as a sign of weakness to the Taliban, America should work to bring stability to the region, and not leave until we finish the job.

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