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NPT Review: Less Than Meets the Eye

I thought April Fools' Day was two months ago. Today we read that the 189-nation NPT review conference, after three weeks of meetings, produced a new agreement. Hurray. What does it cover? North Korea's growing number of nukes and threats? Pakistan's expanding nuclear program--in response to India's increased one? The thousands of small nukes Russia has, poorly controlled, a potential source for terrorists?

We read nothing of the sort. Instead the NPT cooked up another Pie in the Sky, using the same fantasy recipe President Obama used in feeding us the dream of zero nukes. It calls for a Middle East zone free of unconventional weapons. All the oil will gush back into BP's well before Iran and Israel will agree to a nuke-free zone. A zone also free of chemical and biological weapons cannot be even envisioned on paper, as it entails checking every farmer's shed and every lab's vial.

None of this has stopped the large segments of the media from sharing with us the "good" news. Next: there are several bridges in Brooklyn you can buy for half price?

Amitai Etzioni is a University Professor and professor of International Relations at The George Washington University and the author of Security First (Yale 2007).

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