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The Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy: A caucus and a movie

The GOP-controlled House now officially has a Cult of Electromagnetic Pulse Crazy caucus. Started by Trent Franks, the official announcement is here.

Franks is a birther and does not believe in evolution or global warming. He is famously known for this quote: "Far more of the African-American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by policies of slavery."

And he accepted the Team B report on sharia law corrupting precious American bodily fluids authored by Frank Gaffney and the infamous William "Jerry" Boykin.

There's not much more to say except that you can never be too nuts or extreme in the 2011 GOP.

Summing up the belief in electromagnetic pulse doom, steadily peddled from the far right since 2008, the popular notion that the US will be hurtled back to the time of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, when a nuclear missile is launched over the country from some barge off the east coast:

If a thing is backed up by hard science and poses a real danger for everyone on the planet, [like global warming], the Republican party denies its existence. If, however, the threat is something rather abstract to almost all Americans, rests almost entirely on theoretical prediction, is something not likely to ever occur at all, and then only in the context of what would promise to be an all out nuclear war, [like electromagnetic pulse doom], the GOP believes in it very strongly.

So it was written earlier this week in a piece on how the Republican Party has taken years to ensure that it has the vote of every single person concerned about devastating electromagnetic pulse attack.

It is a voting demographic entirely lost to the Democrat Party.

Moving right along dear readers, we come to Iranium, the movie aimed at getting the bombers and cruise missiles flying toward Iran. It rates a solid B when divorced from its obvious politics, mostly for watchability as a History Channel style documentary.

There are much worse ways to burn an hour.

A history of Iran dating from the Shah is delivered first. And at about the thirty five minute mark, the Cult of EMP Crazy shows up, led by Frank Gaffney but also including people you've seem from embedded YouTube video at DD blog already.

The Cult explains electromagnetic pulse attack is the way Ahmedinajad will accomplish his stated aim of ending American civilization. And then one is delivered animations of a Scud missile fired over the US from a motorized barge 100-miles offshore. (Or suitcase nukes could be brought across the Mexican border. There is literally nothing out of Iranian reach.)

Nine out of ten Americans dead within a year.

The movie's only potential show-stopping flaw is Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis whose once good reputation was rotted during the Bush years by various public views taken on war and imminent catastrophe.

The catarrhal phlegm gurgling in Lewis' throat had me about ready to sick up at one point. It has to be heard. The sound man must've been in tears.

The short message of the movie is that Iran is a menace to the entire world. Similar to the Soviet Union and the old popular domino theory, it stands ready to invade/infiltrate/influence countries from the south side of the Persian Gulf to Argentina. Yes, Argentina!

The movie makes it case by relying on the words of its religious leaders and Ahmedinajad. And they have always helpfully come off as both mean and nuts.

Iranium -- the movie -- is here. Totally G-rated.

This post was initially published at Dick Destiny.

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