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Bomb Moe -- Ten reasons why the Prez decided so

Reason Number One: Bombs for Moe, austerity for the US middle class. Whatever it costs in cash for another war, budget cutting for domestic programs that benefit working Americans. That's because bombing Moe comes out of the special overflowing cash sack for war. It's the right set of priorities and how we win the future.

2. Uncle Sam prepares for war on Moe and and clears the banksters to start paying dividends again. That's great for the stock market even though maybe not for you. And that's important.

3. Weapons manufacturers will get new orders for cruise missiles and JDAMs used up on Moe. There could be bonuses in it for a few arms industry CEO's.

4. The mainstream media will be able to debate whether or not the military is overstretched or tired when going into action against Moe, erasing any feeble ideas about cutting its budget.

5. Bombing Moe provides a distraction from the idea that if we're going to do it to him maybe we ought to be doing it to the rotten people we sell arms and military training to in Bahrain and Yemen. And who are killing their people, too.

6. Moe is conveniently mean, murderous, crazy and really not very photogenic. But unlike other really murderous, mean, crazy and not very photogenic despots in other countries, he's on television all the time right now.

7. Bombing Moe affords an opportunity for all the retired military men involved in the arms manufacturing industry to get back on television as talking head experts. They can talk about all the great gear we are going to use on Moe. And, conversely, all the feeble stuff Moe has on defense.

8. Bombing Moe makes it easier for the President to ignore Ed on MSNBC's Ed Show asking why our leader isn't in Wisconsin or Michigan with his base. "I have to bomb Moe, first," thinks the President. "That takes time."

9. Bombing Moe is really a great deal easier than doing something about the one in six working Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. Plus bombing in a foreign country is a lot more watchable on television and the Internets than the broken lives of Americans and the rundown stuff inside the country.

10. All the serious people in DC and northern Virginia, plus the oil companies, are for bombing Moe. They're the most important, as opposed to the majority of Americans who are sick of war.

Bonus reason:

11. It is important for every President to show he's made of the "right stuff" and not a weakling by starting his own unique war. Bombing Moe does that for Mr. Obama.

Sadly, I've discovered ten plus one bonus to be too limiting.

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