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China and Russia: After Bin Laden

Most of the coverage has focused on what happens in U.S. foreign policy after the demise of Osama bin Laden. How are other major powers of the world affected, however?

Writing in Foreign Policy, John Lee notes why Beijing may be concerned about what lies ahead in a post-bin Laden future. There is unease that "Osama bin Laden's death will only accelerate America's reengagement with its Asian allies and partners at China's expense."

Russia may also be concerned. Over at World Politics Review, I wonder whether bin Laden's death might create a "strategic void" for Russia--eliminating one of the arguments for stronger U.S.-Russia ties and also impacting Russia's attempts to maintain the balance between its lucrative and important ties to India and China.

So it will be interesting to see how both powers begin to adjust to a post-bin Laden world, especially if America's "terrorism obsession," in Lee's term, begins to shift towards rebuilding American alliances in Eurasia and East Asia.

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