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Bombing Paupers: The strategy of the Forever War explained

At Secrecy blog Steve Aftergood has posted the testimony of William McRaven, overall commander of global US Special Operations. Appearing before the Senate Armed Services committee recently, McRaven emitted statements that, with only a little translation, frankly and perfectly encapsulate the American strategy to globally bomb the paupers.


"As Al Qaeda and other extremist organizations attempt to franchise their ideology and violence globally, we will likely remain engaged against violent extremist networks for the foreseeable future."

Newspeak translation: We operate under a mandate to attack trivial collections of people who we deem to be potentially annoying in the destitute places of the world from now until whenever.

"The direct approach is characterized by technologically-enabled small-unit precision lethality, focused intelligence, and interagency cooperation integrated on a digitally-networked battlefield.... Extreme in risk, precise in execution and able to deliver a high payoff, the impacts of the direct approach are immediate, visible to the public and have had tremendous effects on our enemies' networks throughout the decade," reads another bit from McRaven's testimony, published at Secrecy blog.

Put another way, it's the focused application of killing technology and wealth against those who have none, a bottom global class with different skin color and religion which cannot threaten the country's existence but inclusive of some miscellaneous bad people. None of whom we can abide. And all because of one very bad day now a decade old.

Screw with the best, die like the rest. -- an old proverb

A couple quotes are also provided from a Guardian piece about a week ago, one in which a historian/pundit explains the evolution of our search for primary enemies. It has followed naturally from the necessity of replacing the Soviet Union with someone allegedly scary enough to keep the war machine funded.

The new enemies, mostly Islamic, are anyone somewhere else.

From the Guardian:

"[Five] of the original six Republican candidates for US president recently called for war with Iran for 'posing a threat to the American people.'. What threat?

"[Washington] lobbyists ... protect defence spending, as Truman was advised, by "scaring the hell out of the American people". Today, a similar self-delusion leads Washington and London to claim the right to drop bombs on anyone they find 'unacceptable.' "

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