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Guns, Not Butter -- Because in your heart, you know it's bad to tend to the poor & sick

Associated Press, on the daily recommendation from the mainstreamed extremists, without blinking: "A key House committee has voted to cut food aid, health care and social services like Meals on Wheels to protect the Pentagon from a crippling wave of budget cuts come January." Although dead when it arrives in the Senate, it fulfills the daily need to keep the national image as a spiteful political cartoon.

There is never any obvious reaction from anyone in the Pentagon -- no questions are asked, no reactions given -- so, republished from the last post, the nut of the matter:

If there are any men or women of stature [at the Pentagon] aghast at the length of the conflict and how millions upon millions of their countrymen have been economically disenfranchised and cast into ruin on the home front while they have continued to meaninglessly fight on, we will never hear it ... We do not need or train good military leaders. They are only needed to ensure the machine continues to grind.

Jesus of America sez 'Guns, not butter. The rest just goes all for naught.'

Everyday, a fresh plate of insane but piping hot nastiness. While fresh out of any semblance of outrage from leadership, we have replaced it with quite the talent for knee-jerk indecency.

Originally published at Dick Destiny blog.

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