Reliable Security Information

totally destroy North Korea

the underlying question is how to deter the DPRK

bouncing the rubble might be a bad idea, since
Japan is down wind, & the ROK is hoping to gain
resources from re-unification, rather than seeing
the entire DPRK turned into a burn hospital

in the Cold War, the logic of deterrence was to
"place at risk that which they hold dear"
eventually that led to "counter recovery" targeting
and trying to destroy leadership bunkers

what deters the DPRK?

probably leadership sites is a good start
does anyone have an inventory of such sites
we had a fair idea on this front for Saddam

but what else to target in the DPRK??
"un-improved recovery runways"?
[the Cold War term for CCCP open pastures]

the traditional argument against low yield nukes,
that they blur the threshold between nuclear and
conventional weapons at the Fulda Gap, probably
needs to be re-examined in this novel context

maybe the answer is the same, and MOAB is
the answer to the question, but I haven't really
detected much discussion on this point

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