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This is the Last Chance to Solve North Korean Issues

Last June, President Trump and North Korean leader Kim, Jung-Un had a summit in Singapore regarding the denuclearization of North Korean nuclear weapons that can reach the U.S. mainland.

However, time by time, it would be revealed that the North Korean regime was being deceitful. The regime would never surrender WMDs such as nuclear weapons, ICBMs, and bio-chemical weapons because those tools can help Kim's dictatorship remain in power. In addition, it can influence the U.S. to withdraw troops in South Korea so that the regime can threaten major U.S. cities such as New York, Washington, Boston, LA, etc. using a nuclear ICBM called a nuclear submarine. This particular ICBM could reach both the West and East Coasts but would not be released right away; the regime would hold it for about a year after its completion. Each nuclear submarine could paralyze at least one major city, killing millions of people. According to various intelligence sources, North Korea is in the progress of developing nuclear facilities and missile bases following the Singapore summit. The regime's main motivation for negotiating with the U.S. through the summit and other talks is to save up the time and money necessary to complete the re-entry stage of its ICBMs and nuclear submarines. Once they finish that, we, the U.S., would make a peace treaty with North Korea that agreeing to withdraw U.S. troops from Korea to supposedly protect civilian life and maintain safety in the U.S. mainland.

Some people claim that a surgical military strike might be another option to prevent North Korean threat. However, this method would not be effective because most of the regime's core nuclear weapon and missile base is located near the border of China and is a deep underground base that can protect against nuclear attacks. We would face more danger once we deploy the war against North Korea because we don't have underground bomb shelters protecting civilians against nuclear bombs from the attack. Thus, conventional war is not effective against North Korea.

Only one solution is to deploy physiological warfare against North Korean regime. Well-known North Korean defector leaders including Kim, Seong-Min (President of Free North Korea Radio), Lee-Min-Bok (the founder of launching propaganda balloons), and Park, Sang-Hak agree that North Korean society is already unstable. A high concentration of people participates in the freedom market system that was inflowed into North Korea. An especially high concentration of people partake in the system in the capital Pyeongyang, a city in which the regime permits loyalists to reside in.

Therefore, it is crucial for the U.S. government and Congress to inflow true information into North Korea using discreet medias like DVDs, CDs, and radio. By doing so, we can stir up and shake up the North Korean regime.

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