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Pakistan's New Generation of Terrorists

IntroductionAs an increasing number of suicide attacks rock Pakistan's major cities, concerns for the country's security are rising. In recent years, many new terrorist groups have emerged, several existing groups have reconstituted themselves, and a new crop of militants has emerged, more violent and less...

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Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

IntroductionU.S. President Barack Obama cited the rising threat of Iran's ballistic missile program as a key driver in his decision to alter course on a Bush-era missile shield for Europe. Tehran's arsenal is now "capable of reaching Europe," the president said in September 2009. Less...

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The Cost of Commitment in Afghanistan

As U.S. President Barack Obama ponders whether to commit additional forces to the Afghan war or--as some congressional Democrats are urging (Politico)--remain open to other options, the debate appears to be dividing U.S. military and civilian leaders (WashPost). While commanders in Afghanistan have requested more...

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Pakistan's Education System and Links to Extremism

IntroductionPakistan's poor education system has increasingly become a matter of international concern. Lack of access to quality education, which in turn limits economic opportunity, makes young Pakistanis targets for extremist groups, some experts say. The World Bank says nearly half the adult population of Pakistan...

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Time to Talk to Iran

Perhaps it was not surprising that after thirty years of diplomatic stalemate, expectations for a major breakthrough between Tehran and world powers in Geneva on October 1were exceedingly low. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, in an interview with, said while Iran was "optimistic about...

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