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Ed Corcoran
Lifting Sanctions on Russia

Following the invasion of Ukraine, Western countries imposed unprecedented sanctions on the Kremlin. The sanctions were set in place in response to Russia's war. Regime change was specifically not part of this objective. In fact, the United States has a long history of working cooperatively...

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Integrating Russia

The current turmoil has Western leaders so focused on the war in Ukraine that they have lost sight of what is most important. It's not promoting a Ukrainian victory but integrating Russia. The current turmoil goes back to the collapse of the Soviet Union and...

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With the corona virus already infecting over a million people and severely impacting the global economy, there is a new recognition of a need to reduce global tensions, what John Feffer has called a coronavirus truce. The situation is particularly stressful for Russia which only...

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Make America Great Again - Really

At the end of the Twentieth Century, America was the sole global superpower, leading a world of peace. Its leadership had ended centuries of European warfare and led to the collapse of the totalitarian Soviet Union. The situation was even labeled the End of History,...

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Shifting Gears on Afghanistan

For fifteen years US support for Afghanistan has heavily emphasized military action and this has been clearly ineffective as vividly underscored by the recent Taliban massacre in Mazar-i-Sharif. Yet it seems we have learned nothing and now we are apparently considering sending an additional...

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Exceptional America

All nations have unique characteristics that make them feel exceptional. But exceptionalism has been a disaster for America even though it was based on three solid pillars: Two centuries ago a unique nation was formed, not on the basis of any ethnic, cultural or religious...

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Make Democracy Work

Two centuries ago a unique nation was formed, not on the basis of any ethnic, cultural or religious community but on universal human values of equality and freedom. It gradually grew more prominent on the world scene. Then the major wars of the Twentieth Century...

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Fighting Daesh Fundamentally

Even the term "Daesh" fights Daesh, as a pejorative acronym for the so-called Islamic State, as well as a reminder that the fight is not just on a military level. It is clear that Daesh is a threat that will not go away soon. Now,...

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