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Ed Corcoran
A Vision for Pakistan

The first requirement for developing a strategy is to have an objective. In regard to Pakistan, the United States would like to see a stable, prosperous, and democratic Pakistan governed by the rule of law, a nation where a good education was available to everyone,...

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Surge At Home

The nation faces a wide variety of external threats. Many of them have the potential to cause some serious damage; some of them even have the potential to destroy the nation. Thankfully, such latter threats as asteroid impacts and comprehensive nuclear strikes have very low...

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Immigration's Elephant

There is an elephant in the middle of the immigration discussions -- a huge presence that is ignored by all. An inconvenient truth that is carefully not addressed: America needs an underclass. Since its earliest days, the American economy has depended on cheap labor. Initially...

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Strategic Myopia

STRATEGY: Planning the optimal application of resources to achieve major objectives [NOTE: comments are welcomed and may be incorporated with reference in future revisions.] The core objective of national strategy is to insure the survival and prosperity of the nation -- "life, liberty and the...

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