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Ed Corcoran
Zero Immigration

The United States was built on the shoulders of immigrants - millions from all over the world, including English Pilgrims, Spanish adventurers, African slaves, and Chinese laborers. The manpower these immigrants provided fueled the industrial expansion of the XIX Century and even at that early...

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Afghan Objectives

The overall situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating. We have already lost support of most of our allies (and certainly their publics) and are now losing support of the American public - there is even an Out of Afghanistan Caucus in Congress....

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Collapse in Afghanistan?

The iconic photos of the last helicopter leaving the roof of the Saigon embassy vividly encapsulated the collapse of the US effort in Vietnam. And there has been no end of commentary comparing those earlier, fruitless US efforts in Vietnam with the current, troubled effort...

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Message for Marjah

US forces seized Marjah in February, except they did not seize it. They seized control of the daytime, but the Taliban quickly established control of the night. Since then, there has been a war in the shadows: the Taliban fighting to retain control of the...

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Intimidation and Taliban

Kill one, frighten ten thousand. Sun Tzu Intimidation is discouraging people from acting by threats of violence; it is a pervasive, global problem. Autocratic regimes use intimidation to repress citizen demands for government accountability. At the other end of the spectrum, groups opposing legitimate authority...

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Visions for Afghanistan

The Taliban have a vision for Afghanistan, and for the whole world - a vision of a medieval, ascetic society controlled by theocrats. Their vision includes a harsh and inflexible enforcement of religious prescriptions, including a number of prescriptions that are not actually required by...

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