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Jeffrey Martini

Jeffrey Martini is a Middle East analyst at the RAND Corporation, where he works on political reform in the Arab world with a specific focus on North Africa. Martini has published on civil-military relations in Egypt, generational divides within the Muslim Brotherhood, changes in the regional security environment, and prospects for democratization in the "Arab Spring" countries. He has spent spent four years living in the Arab world, including three as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco and one in Cairo, Egypt, where he was a 2007–08 fellow in the CASA Arabic language program. He speaks, reads, and writes modern standard Arabic and speaks Moroccan and Egyptian colloquial. Martini received his B.A. in political science and economics from Middlebury College and his M.A. in Arab studies from Georgetown University.

Egypt's Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

This Sunday marks the latest installment in Egypt's telenovela-style transition. Following parliamentary elections that were later overruled on a legal technicality, a controversial constitution, and seemingly endless Friday demonstrations comes the "Rebel" campaign. Rebel, or Tamarud, is a petition drive aimed at ousting President Morsi...

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Political Impasse in Egypt

If there ever was a honeymoon in Egypt's post-Mubarak politics, it is long over. The two main ideological camps - Islamists and secular-liberals - have shown a willingness to cooperate only when brought together by a common foe. In the heady days of January and...

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Muslim Brotherhood failing to learn from mistakes

Since taking power in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has overreacted to criticism of the organization. The events in Cairo, in which MB supporters are battling demonstrators that criticized President Mohamed Morsi, are just the latest in a larger pattern. When the Brotherhood-led parliament faced...

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