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Prigozhin's African Empire Offers an Alternative to Kremlin Largesse

The 2011 NATO-led military intervention that toppled Muammar al-Qaddafi enflamed Islamist insurgencies across Western Africa as jihadist groups obtained much of the Libyan military's ordnance. These insurgencies particularly threatened Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. France launched Operation Barkhane in 2014 to help West African countries...

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Remember when Obama and the Russian president ate burgers together?

Sometimes you can benefit from taking a step back from the barrage of information many media outlets would like to convince you is necessary to consume on a daily basis. You can also learn from people like Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson quipped later in his life...

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Lifting Sanctions on Russia

Following the invasion of Ukraine, Western countries imposed unprecedented sanctions on the Kremlin. The sanctions were set in place in response to Russia's war. Regime change was specifically not part of this objective. In fact, the United States has a long history of working cooperatively...

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Taking the Hype out of Hypersonic

Didn't Roger Stone say it is better to be notorious than anonymous? Kim Jong-il said that everyone was talking about him, so he must be doing something right Putin 2018 Avanguard This whole hypersonic thing is a hoax. As is well known, the Soviets...

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Novichok and its chemists

Novichok, meaning "new guy," "newcomer, or "novice," depending on the translation, the group name for deadly nerve agents created in the Soviet Union in the Seventies and developed into the early Nineties. Deployed in Salisbury, England, novichok has been used to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal...

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Non Lethal Novichok

The Novichok poison gas is interesting not because it is highly lethal, but because it produces non-lethal casualties that could massively disrupt unit cohesion on the battlefield. The fact that Sergei Skripal, his daughter Yulia, and British police officer Sgt Nick Bailey remain in critical...

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KGB to Steal Mid-Term Elections

Having hijacked the White House in the 2016 election, Moscow Center is poised to make an all-out effort - far larger than the campaign they mounted in 2016 - to retain effective control of the US Government by heading off looming Republican losses in the...

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"interim" clearance

VOA reported on "... the practice of allowing staff without security clearances to work in and around the Oval Office. Porter had only an interim clearance while holding one of the most sensitive jobs in the White House, where he controlled the flow of information...

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Middle East Appetite For Fighter Jets Rages Despite Low Oil Prices

Defense sector analysts see a growing market for warplanes among Middle East nations over the next five years despite slumping oil prices in recent years. During the Dubai Airshow, which runs from November 12 to November 16, plenty of aircraft manufacturers will be angling to...

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Putin Supported Hillary

Donald Trump sat down 12 July 2017 with Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN] Founder Pat Robertson for an exclusive interview at the White House. In an effort to debunk claims that Russia wanted to help him win the election, Trump argued that's an illogical conclusion. He...

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A number of commentators have perhaps been overly fastidious with reference to the 'Trump Dossier'. Max Boot, for one, suggested "It is worrisome that this material was published by BuzzFeed when major news organizations, which are not particularly friendly to Mr. Trump, declined to do...

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