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Scott Warren Harold

Scott Warren Harold is an Associate Political Scientist at The RAND Corporation, where he specializes in Chinese foreign policy, East Asian security, and international affairs.

Prior to joining RAND in August 2008, Harold worked at The Brookings Institution's John L. Thornton China Center from 2006-2008. His doctorate is in Political Science from Columbia University, where he wrote a thesis on China's foreign policy decision-making with respect to joining the World Trade Organization.

In addition to his work at RAND, Harold is an Adjunct Professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he has taught since 2006, and has also taught Chinese Politics at Columbia University. Harold is also a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations from 2012-2017.

Harold is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. His recent publications include China and Iran: Economic, Political, and Military Relations (with Alireza Nader); "Ieodo as Metaphor?: The Growing Importance of Sovereignty Disputes in South Korea-China Relations and the Role of the United States" (Asian Perspective, Vol. 36, no. 2); "Guest Editor's Introduction" (China Perspectives 2011, no. 4: Special Issue on The Modernization of the People's Liberation Army and Its Repercussions); and (with co-author Cheng Li) "China's New Military Elite," (Chinese Security, Winter 2007).

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