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Should the United States End Assistance to Syria's Rebels?

The United States announced recently that it was suspending aid to the rebels fighting to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This comes amidst reports that other Western countries are now gradually withdrawing their military support to the rebel forces. Should the suspension...

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Syrian Scenarios

The fighting in Damascus is so far not the Battle of Berlin or the Fall of Saigon, marking the clear beginning of the end. The endgame, indeed, may be a long way off. So what happens next? It is difficult to sort out the military...

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What it would take to intervene in Syria

The pressure for military action in Syria continues to mount: the death of Syrian Deputy Defense Minister and other members of Assad's inner circle last week, diplomatic and military defections from the regime since, an intensifying refugee crisis, and a rising death toll. The crisis...

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Syria's chemical weapons, and beyond

By James T. Quinlivan and Bruce W. Bennett A few days after the new Department of Defense strategic guidance was unveiled early this year, news reports said CENTCOM estimated that securing Syrian chemical weapons in the event of regime collapse could require some 75,000 troops....

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The Year of the Arab Spring

It has been a year since Mohammed Bouazizi set himself on fire to protest his treatment by a corrupt and abusive policewoman in Cite Bousaid in Tunisia. In that year, the Middle East and North Africa has seen revolution, rebellion, repression, and reform. What has...

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Dancing with Damascus: Washington Engages by David Schenker

Two senior Administration officials will travel to Damascus for meetings with their Syrian counterparts. Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman and NSC Middle East Director Dan Shapiro's visit constitutes the highest-level US-Syria bilateral contact in years. The meeting follows...

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