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Will Obama Lose Turkey?

Turkey is a key political, economic, and military power standing at the bridge between the West and rest. There troubling reports about the country including claims that the government is thinking about developing nuclear weapons. So far, the White House has done little to address the problem of losing Turkey, "Countering Turkey's Strategic Drift" a recent research paper from The Heritage Foundation by Sally McNamara , Ariel Cohen, Ph.D. and James Phillips argues that Turkey and the United States cooperated in the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, and even Korea. However, Turkish and U.S. interests in the Balkans, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf have recently diverged. On its current trajectory, Turkey's traditional strategic relationship with the West could devolve into a looser affiliation while Turkey enters into a closer alliance with Iran and other Middle Eastern powers hostile to U.S. leadership. The U.S., in concert with its European allies, needs to address the serious differences that are emerging.

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