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The Militarization of South Pasadena

Deserving of a big "Whaaaa?" -- today's proof that even the smallest local shires of the land, places with no significant history of violent crime or threat try to get into the act. The Los Angeles Times informed yesterday that South Pasadena, generally known for its population of swells, tree-lined streets and swank/genteel bungalow homes had acquired an urban combat vehicle for one dollar, sold off by Burbank, which is trading up through use of about a quarter million in homeland security bucks.

The deluxe version comes with a year's supply of injectable anabolic steroids in an on-board mini-fridge. Six gunports provide extra-clear fields of on-demand retaliatory fire.

You have to see the original piece to believe it.

It's here.

Reads the newspaper:

These days a dollar can buy a can of soda, a song on iTunes -- or, in South Pasadena's case, an armored vehicle.

Last week the city took delivery of a vehicle known as a Peacekeeper, paying Burbank $1 for the privilege. Burbank originally received the Peacekeeper as surplus from the U.S. Air Force ...

The Peacekeeper saw no action during its Burbank years ...

"Active shooter training is also a high priority for police officers that are facing a new type of terror threat as was seen in the Mumbai, India, terror attack," [a South Pasadena city report on the Peacekeeper acquisition] said ...

Burbank decided to sell the armored vehicle after it obtained a new BearCat SWAT vehicle in February 2009 through a $275,000 Homeland Security Department grant.

For comparative purposes, a Lenco BearCat ad is furnished here. Made in USA! Not like all the underwear, dry goods, wires, computers and pipe you buy around town! Paid for by homeland security porK! Grrrrr! Get out of the way or we'll train the heavy machine-gun on you!

Anyway, South Pasadena is not Mumbai although the pseudo-rationalization for adding the Peacekeeper to its armory is imaginative and daring. Lacking in sea access, how might such terrorists arrive undercover with heavy weapons in SoPas?

Solid indication the country needs to be prescribed some chemically-castrating estrogen for the sake of getting testosterone hot flashes like this one under control.

The Peacekeeper is made by arms manufacturer, Textron.

Population of South Pasadena: 25,000

Median home value: $600 -- $700,000

Gus's Barbecue in SouthPas, where I have eaten. Toggle the street view. A fine cigar shop is adjacent to Gus's on the left.

A Jerry Boykin prayer breakfast

Jerry Boykin, for want of a better description -- our answer to the character played by Sterling Hayden in Dr. Strangelove, Jack Ripper -- is in the news again for being chosen to speak at a West Point prayer breakfast.

Over the course of the war on terror Boykin has routinely been associated with a special version of crackpot extremism.

Here's a video from a couple years ago, made with the comparison, by Crooks and Liars. It speaks for itself.

And here's a longish bit defending the right to preach against gayness and Muslims while praying for the future of America.

Here is Jerry Boykin attempting to warn the country against the Islamic conspiracy.

"We should not view Islam as a religion that is to be protected under the First Amendment ... The Muslims would replace our Constitution with shariah ... I am very concerned about this ... We should not give first amendment protection to people who want to destroy our Constitution and replace it with shariah ..." is the gist of it.

Naturally, Jerry Boykin's slated appearance at a prayer breakfast at West Point has created a stink.

But I can think of no one better to uphold American attitudes about comity and tolerance at a spiritual West Point prayer breakfast, can you?

This post was originally published at Dick Destiny blog.

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