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Calling Paula Broadwell

From All In: "One of Petraeus' favorite quotes comes from Seneca, a first century Roman philosopher: 'Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.' This has been true for Petraeus at many turns ..." And when the day to day of the war on terror grew stale for the national security hero, another opportunity, so to speak, beckoned.

Sometimes mere words lack an indefinable something needed in comment on current affairs of fantastic or ludicrous nature. What, for example, to make of the shirtless national security man?

This custom video interlude, however, captures it nicely. For the readers who take themselves and their favorite subjects too seriously, you've been warned. Remember to share.

"Having a bunch of medals and badges doesn't necessarily mean you've accomplished anything, you've got to do something beyond yourself to make a difference in life. Seek to be consequential in whatever you do." -- Paula Broadwell, from a p.r. sheet archived at Cryptome.

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