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Ricin case FUBAR

In case you needed any more proof the war on terror has screwed up beyond all recognition, this just in from the AP: "Marshals Service: Suspect in ricin letters case has been released from jail in Miss."

In one stroke, the FBI has replayed on a smaller scale the anthrax catastrophe with Steven Hatfill, the infamous "person of interest" before the suicide of Bruce Ivins.

It unfolded slowly, with Monday's news revealing that the FBI had failed to find any castor seeds, "ricin-making materials" or internet recipes at the home of Paul Kevin Curtis.

It is a serious blow to the agency, truly epic fail, an image nightmare, throwing into question everything it has done.

What's with the ricin determinations on the letters? Are they actually reliable? Why was ricin reported in the letters? Why? Why? Why? Who has f----- up so royally?

In the past twelve years, the American government has always recovered castor seeds, castor powder or ricin recipes from those accused of "making ricin."

The FBI would have had to know, very quickly after arresting Paul Kevin Curtis, that it had a serious problem developing when it found none of these, not even traces, in his possession.

What pressure was on the agency to make a quick arrest because of the national terrorism hysteria over the Boston marathon bombing?

"[Paul Kevin Curtis'] lawyer said in court that someone may have framed Curtis, suggesting that a former co-worker with whom Curtis had an extended exchange of angry emails may have set him up," reads one emerging report from the newswire.


Updated: Transcribed court proceeding from Kevin Paul Curtis hearing.
Material included -- mental history, former brushes with law, restraining order, assessment of material in letter (crude, made by throwing castor seeds in a blender), names of others, one of whom became another FBI target today.

Update II: Charges against Paul Kevin Curtis officially dropped.

That material is here.

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