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George Smith

George Smith, Ph.D., has written on biological and chemical weapons for a variety of publications. From examination of captured documents after 9/11, he was one of the first to publicly determine al Qaeda had no capability in this area. Smith has consulted to terrorism trials as an expert on the analysis of seized electronic Internet-distributed texts on improvised weapons. He is currently writing a book on his experience.

Economic Treason: Evisceration of US economy, graphed

In one picture a simple proof that all news stories having to do with Chinese military spending and its alleged menace are laughable. In the last decade, our graph shows the ballooning trade deficit with China, mirroring national off-shoring of labor and the shipping out...

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The admiral's servant does his shopping

Today's LOL item stems from the continuing tale on the danger of China's military build-up. It's now so tiresome we're going to take this space to imagine what a war with China would entail for both countries. You'll won't see it anywhere else and I...

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Bruce Ivins, first bioterrorist/country recording artist ever?

Bruce Ivins, the best bioterrorist US taxpayer money could buy, was by all descriptions a resourceful man of many talents. Newspaper articles on him told of his fondness for playing keyboards at church and composing little humorous songs for departing colleagues at Fort Detrick/USAMRIID. But...

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Economic Treason: Loss of manufacturing could be security problem -- Ya think?

In perhaps another indication the intelligence apparatus is still busticated in the US, Steven Aftergood of Secrecy blog informs that a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has been ordered to address what the loss of the country's manufacturing base means. It's looking bad for us, says...

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